The Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia is proud to be a member of Global Pro Bono Network since 2016

Global Pro Bono Network

The Global Pro Bono Network unites pro bono organizations from many countries around the world, that mediate pro bono services and promote adoption of the pro bono concept and practices in their countries as well as globally.

The Global Pro Bono Network was established in 2013 with the support of BMW Foundation Herebert Quandt and the Taproot Foundation, who still provide a continuous support to Network activities.

The Goals of the Network are to raise global pro bono quality and accessibility, share knowledge and experience between countries, regions and pro bono mediator organizations, provide support to joint programs, raise the impact of pro bono companies, and involve more companies or volunteers in the global pro bono movement for the public benefit.

Currently, the Network unites 57 organizations from 34 countries and keeps expanding each year. The Advisory Council of Network Members is responsible for coordinating the Network’s activities.

Members of the Network meet annually at Global Pro Bono Summits aimed at sharing experience among Network members and planning action strategies.

The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia joined the Global Pro Bono Network in 2016.