About the Network

Georgia’s Pro Bono Network is an informal union of Georgian and international companies operating in Georgia that are willing to use their expertise and professional resources for the benefit of the society.

The goal of Georgia’s Pro Bono Network is to make the expertise of the private sector available to the organizations working to improve society.

Initiated by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia, and supported by MitOst e.V., BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Taproot Foundation, Georgia’s Pro Bono Network was officially founded in October 2015.

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The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia is responsible for the expert and administrative support to the Network.

During the founding event, the Network members signed a Goodwill Memorandum and agreed on the following:

  • Within their expertise and abilities (and when it does not conflict with business interests) provide free expert assistance (in other words - provide pro bono services) to public benefit organizations that work on social or environmental problems relevant to our society, and, by doing this, make their contribution in solving those problems;
  • Encourage their employees to get involved in initiatives aimed at helping local communities;
  • Cooperate with each other and with the civil sector, in order to raise the awareness on the pro bono concept and establish positive practices.