What is Mediation of Pro Bono Services?

Companies willing to provide pro bono services often lack a direct connection to the community. They might not have information on civil society organizations that are in need of expert assistance; they also have shortage of time and human resources to look for such civil society organizations and identify their needs.

In their turn, civil society organizations that do not have access to highly qualified professional services in most cases are unable to find companies that are ready to deliver such services free of charge.

Pro bono intermediary organizations serve to bridge the gap between companies seeking opportunities to provide free expert help and those who need it. In doing so they improves availability of qualified services help to non-profit organizations and ensure quality of pro bono services.

Experience of many countries demonstrated that mediating pro bono services is crucial for development of such services globally. The Global Pro Bono Network has been established in 2013, uniting intermediary organizations from around the world.

Global Pro Bono Network about Pro Bono Intermediaries

We believe that pro bono intermediaries are a crucial component in making pro bono successful and providing high-quality professional services to nonprofits. Pro bono intermediaries make this purposeful work more consistent and its effects more lasting by providing a wide breadth of supportive services to both the providers and recipients of pro bono service — before, during and after the engagement. Pro bono intermediaries are multipliers for spreading the power of pro bono across their countries and regions (GPBN website)