How to Join

We are glad you are interested in joining Georgian Pro Bono network. We always welcome the organizations that demonstrate commitment to society welfare through principles and practice of pro bono. Joining is easy. Please read four-step membership guide below. In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Membership Criteria and Terms

Georgian Pro bono Network membership is open to all companies operating in Georgia who acknowledge the importance of social solidarity, their responsibility towards the society and are committed to make their expertise and intellectual resources available to organizations working for the benefit of the society through pro bono services.

Applicants who wish to join the Network must meet the following requirements:

  • Applicant should be the private companies of any size registered in Georgia;
  • Applicant should have intention to provide free expert assistance (in other words - provide pro bono services) to the public benefit organizations that work on social or environmental problems;
  • Activities of the company should be in line with the guiding principles and values of Pro Bono Network and internationally acknowledged principles of ethical and responsible business conduct, i.e. respect of law, respect for the human rights, prevention and mitigation of adverse impacts on society and natural environment, stakeholder dialogue, anticorruption, transparency and accountability.

Companies representing the morally unacceptable or controversial sectors/industries, which have potential or actual negative impacts on the people or the environment, such as: weapon production and trade; gambling industry; tobacco industry etc. - are not considered for the membership

Please note:

  • Network members company should provide a minimum of one contact person as a liaison to the network
  • The company name/logo, also description of the implemented pro bono programs will be visible on pro bono website ( )
  • There is currently no cost for membership.

Membership Application Process

If you are interested in joining, and meet the criteria, please start on the following application process:

  • Step 1 - Addressing
    Please, complete the application form available here and send it by email to the following address
  • Step 2 - Interview
    After submitting the application, we will contact you shortly and conduct the interview. Discuss with representative of Network administration your motivation to join the network, your vision and future plans in the field of corporate responsibility and pro bono
  • Step 3 – Review/assessment
    Application and interview notes will be reviewed by CSRDG board and in two weeks’ time we will inform you about the decision by email.
  • Step 4 - Formal welcome to the Network
    In case of approval, please prepare and submit by email a digital copy of the Letter of Commitment signed by the high level executive (or equivalent). Please find letter template here. We will send you official welcome letter, membership certificate and PB network member logo(and other materials)

Membership begins on the day the welcome letter is sent