Georgian Pro Bono Services Mediation Initiative

The Centre for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia is proud to be a member of Global Pro Bono Network since 2016

Pro Bono Services Mediation initiative is implemented by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia (CSRDG) in cooperation with the Georgian Pro Bono Network. Having 22 years’ experience of work in the civil sector, CSRDG has been implementing a corporate social responsibility development program for already 14 years.

The initiative is supported by MitOst e.V., BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and Taproot Foundation, for whom promoting pro bono movement globally is a priority issue.

The aim of the Initiative is to match beneficiary civil society organizations who need consultancy and relevant companies, who offer pro bono consultancy in the requested spheres. In other words, the Initiative connects supply and demand and provides professional guidance to pro bono projects through the whole circle (from planning to results evaluation).

The initiative is also aimed at:

  • Popularization of best practices of pro bono engagement in Georgia
  • Promoting pro bono practices enhancing public awareness of the pro bono concept in Georgia
  • Providing platform for experience sharing and cooperation to the pro bono companies and other stakeholders in Georgia.